Mount Riley Summit Hike

This is a pleasant, moderate hike with spectacular views at the summit from a height of 1,760 ft. The trail begins after a short drive and takes about 5 hours round trip, winding its way through the rainforest and open meadow areas. Skunk cabbage, false huckleberry, blueberry, devils club and other plants can be seen along the trail. Later in the summer and fall, this a great place to find mushrooms and other fungi.

As you get closer to the peak, the trail breaks out into a series of flowery meadows. The summit is a granite outcrop from which you can see a panoramic view. The snowcapped Chilkat Mountains rise over six thousand feet to the west. The Coast Range and the mountains to the north toward Canada complete this incredible view. The highlight of the Mount Riley Trail is the fact that with just a moderate amount of climbing, you can take in one of the most impressive 360 degree views!

  • Provided: Belt pack, walking stick, meal, water and, if desired, raincoat.
  • Distance (hike): 4.2 miles (RT)
  • Activity level: High
  • Elevation: 1,760 feet
  • Duration: 5 hours from Haines, 7 hours from Skagway.
  • Price/person from Haines: $114/adult, $94/child (ages 7-12)
  • Price/person from Skagway: $188/adult, $133.50/child (ages 7-12)