Thanks to Tim Sefton for sending this photo. Spring 2012 was this bear's first summer away from it's mother.
Brown bear sows and cubs are amazing to watch!
Seeing these bears was the highlight of this couples cruise. As guides, we are often moved by their appreciation.
Princess Cruises sends a videographer to join the "Nature & Wildlife Expedition." This cub was playing with driftwood!
Haines - Skagway Fast Ferry office is close to the Haines Cruise Ship Dock.
Holland America Lines arrive in Haines for the "Nature & Wildlife Expedition." Tour departs 9AM, 2PM and 5PM each Wednesday.
Princess Crusies passengers arriving in Haines for the "Nature & Wilflife Expedition"
Fast Ferry arrives in Haines from Skagway (40 min one-way)
Fast Ferry Dock
Cruise Ship Dock in Haines, AK